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Leadership in Lord of the Flies Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Leadership in Lord of the Flies
Leadership is a vital part of civilization, yet leadership styles have been the center of controversy since the first societies appeared in the world.   Leaders who adopt any sort of leadership approach are constantly criticized.   In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, Golding personifies the leadership styles of democracy and autocracy.   A majority of the world’s population believe that democracy is the epitome of leadership methods.   Democracy is appealing to the masses because it allows everyone’s voice to be heard in any situation and a solution is often reached that appeases a majority of the people.   Based on this logic, most individuals argue that Ralph is the superior leader because he takes into account the other children’s opinions and makes a decision based off of the discussions.   However, these individuals overlook the boys’ true situation; they are children and cannot possibly be expected to understand the severity of the situation. Therefore, their youthful nature prohibits their ability to make wise choices in a democratic society. In an environment with a lack of structured government involved in a chaotic situation, the most efficient leadership approach would be an autarch that enforces a tyrannical regime. As a result of the children being forced into an environment with a complete lack of the commonplace societal regulations, Jack’s despotic style is ideal to the children’s predicament because Jack’s immediate diktat provides him with the obedience from the children needed in such a precarious situation.
Jack has a particular talent for getting the boys on the island feeling a certain way and plays these emotions to his advantage to get immediate results. While Ralph is attempting to calmly provide a solution to getting rescued from the island, Jack immediately attempts to shift the power from Ralph to himself and creates a frantic environment. He is successful in his attempt because “all at once the...

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