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Name: James Allam Ejidio Course: African History CHANGES AND FACTORS THAT OCCURRED AFTER THE ARRIVAL OF EUROPEANS IN AFRICA Introduction From the 17th through the 20th centuries, Europeans powers scrambled to divide Africa among themselves in a monumentous colonial movement that left lasting impressions and far-reaching consequences for Africa and the international political stage. Five major impacts of colonialism in Africa were Combat against other African, long lasting racial oppression, widespread poverty, Underdevelopment and Distortion of the traditional organization of African life. Combat against other Africans Most Europeans countries had recruited Africans to fight their fellow Africans in battles, with Europeans high ranging officers, commanding and giving instructions. Certainly, Black Africans soldiers did most of the fighting because they were less susceptible to tropical diseases than their Europeans allies and much cheaper. For instance, French, British, German, Italians and the Portuguese employed large Numbers of Black Africans in their Armies to fight with other Africans under the command of their bosses (Korieh & Njoku, P.215). The Europeans motive behind the mirror of employing Black Africans was the motivations of these troops in terms of payment. However, they thought employing Africans was cheaper than employing Europeans. They immediately rushed for colonization and recruited Africans in their armies. Long lasting racial oppression A long lasting impact of colonialism in Africa was racial oppression, most markedly obvious in the South African system of apartheid, which was ended in 1994. Apartheid was a legal segregation system in South Africa based on traditional tribes. South Africans

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