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Leadership Effectiveness at Hotel RR Inn, Tirunelveli. Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction. This study focuses on the Leadership Effectiveness of the various Departmental Managers and the General Manager of a Three Star Hotel in Tamil Nadu. For this study I have chosen The Hotel RR Inn in Tirunelveli as the base of study. Hotel RR Inn is located at the Heart of Tirunelveli city. The reason for choosing RR Inn for my study is of both a personal and professional interests. One of the major reasons for me to choose this hotel is that I am a Diploma holder in Hospitality management and have previous working experience in hotel Industry and I understand the day to day problems faced by employees in hotels due to the ineffective leadership in hotels. Another reason for my choosing RR Inn as the base of study is that I had a bad experience as a customer of the same hotel and did not find an effective leadership in the hotel from a customer’s (outsider’s) point of view. With utmost sincerity and commitment and a drive to find out the real reasons and hurdles behind the ineffectiveness of leadership I proceeded on with my study by directly visiting and associating myself with the HR manager at Hotel RR Inn, Tirunelveli and spent 32 days in the hotel premises and studied the organization from 10th July 2013 to 10th August 2013. HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Hospitality Industry Terms ADJOINING ROOMS: Guestrooms located side by side without a connecting door between them. AFFILIATE RESERVATION SYSTEM: A hotel chain's reservation system in which all participating properties are contractually related. Each property is represented in the computer system database and is required to provide room availability data to the reservation centre on a timely basis. AFFILIATED HOTEL: A hotel that is a member of a chain, franchise, or referral system. Membership

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