Leadership Development Plan

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Leadership Development Report (LDP) The purpose of this report is to set a framework for myself to access my leadership skills and develop them within a year from 08/2014 to 08/2015 before I graduate with RMIT business management degree. After reviewing the two leadership development models, I have chosen Central Michigan University (CMU) Leadership Competency Model. Five dimensions of leadership competencies, social responsibility, innovation, task management, leading others and self-management, are useful competencies as they mainly focus on psychological attributes, leadership skills and working attitudes that I can relate to the job, interpersonal skills and personal achievement. My personal goal is to enter retailing industry which mainly focuses for both sales and customer service at the same time. With the help of CMU model as the framework for my leadership development plan, I believe it will further develop my insight on my leadership potential while enhancing my relationship with others by understanding the dynamics of human behavior. I believe that CMU model will align better with my chosen industry and also blend better with culture and customs. My plan will be emphasized on some of the core competencies from CMU model which I find myself lacking or critical for LDP. Before I start to work on LDP, I have tried myself several online assessments for leadership skills, as well as discussed with my colleagues and managers and gathered respective feedbacks related to my LDP. According to the online assessments and the feedbacks, I decided to work on three core competencies from CMU model which are leading others, self-management, and social responsibility. In my opinion, these chosen competencies will be able to relate more with my personal strengths and weaknesses for LDP and guide me with more practical approaches and better results compared with the other
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