Leadership Development Essay

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Leadership development is an ongoing process. This course offered me exposure to activities and assessments that will help forever guide me in becoming an effective leader. Additionally it provided me with a blueprint for outlining my own steps for development. I have acquired valuable insight through my experiences and as a result I have answered my own questions about leadership. How do I become an effective leader? What is leadership? How do effective leaders lead? Developing my personal leadership vision was significant in identifying my expectations for development and my intentions for taking this course. I was asked the following reflective question to help me with clarifying my vision statement. How are you a leader in your life right now? I had the toughest time answering this question because I was not sure if I currently exemplified any leadership qualities. Prior to this course my understanding of leadership was leading by example through hard work and determination. However, leadership is so much more than meets the eye. It was this question that gave way to my personal leadership development vision statement - To develop a genuine understanding of leadership applications and best practices for exemplifying key leadership components that support my ability to motivate, guide, challenge, persevere, and influence. I am aware my leadership development start with me. The assessments offered through this course served as a good starting point. The feedback I received captured a holistic view of my current capabilities. I utilized the results to understand where I currently stand as a leader and where I want to be as a leader. I found the results from the following assessments, Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) and Actualized Leader Profile (ALP) to be most beneficial to my growth. The HBDI profile was impactful because it outlined my thinking 1|Page

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