Leadership Communication Essay

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Leadership Communication Denise Bell Business 600 Brandy Goldston September 9, 2013 Leadership Communication As employees and employers, it is a necessity that we learn how to communicate properly in the working arena. We must learn how to communicate effectively in order to be successful in whatever task we are faced with. The company that I will be discussing in this paper will be Health Management Associates (HMA). I am an employee of Natchez Community Hospital, which is a small private owned hospital within HMA. I have been employee at Natchez Community Hospital for about 18 months now. In the time frame that I have been employed, I have been exposed to many leadership mishaps. I feel that a leader should be able to communicate with their workers in a professional way and also being pleasant and treating everyone with respect and dignity. Good communication skills in the work force can minimize the probability of mistakes and misunderstanding. There are three primary steps in the communication process, and they are “thought, encoding, and decoding. Thought, first exists in the mind of the sender, encoding, is a message sent to a receiver in words or other symbols, and decoding is the receiver translates the words or symbols into a concept or information that he or she can understand” (Communication and leadership). Baack stated that “verbal communication in person offers the richest communicating channel, because information transfers forms of verbal cues, facial expressions, bodily movements, appearance, the use of space, the use of time, and physical contact”. At Natchez Community Hospital, there is not good verbal communication between the leaders and employees. As a leader they should approach everyone with a pleasant attitude. “Best leaders are first-rate communicators. Their values are clear and
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