Leadership Assignment Essay

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Anonymous Management April 14, 2011 Leadership Assignment I look up to many people, but one person who really stands out as having been a great Leader and role model to me is Dr. X. Dr. X is a pediatrician at Cox. She is also the Medical Director for the Pediatric Urgent Care. I admire Dr. X because she is very patient, and willing to help others learn. Dr. X would allow me to assist her with the patients (just by helping hold them, etc) and would explain the procedures to me. When I wanted to start working in the lab so that I could have more “hands on” experience, Dr. X called the supervisor there and helped to get me a job (without me knowing she intended to do that). Even though I have not been able to work with her for several years now, she still lets me use her as a reference and is willing to help in any way possible. I admire her for her kindness, patience, knowledge, and general fun personality. Along with allowing me to help her hold patients and explaining various procedures to me, she also allowed me to help the nurses do minor things, like preparing the rocephin injections (just rolling the pre-made mixture in my palms and making sure that everything dissolved), cleaning the patient rooms and taking specimens that could not go through the tube system to the lab. These are all very minor things, but it helped me learn about the medical field, and working with her is what made me want to be a nurse. As a nurse, I hope to be very patient and kind, and willing to be of use whenever possible. I hope that when people ask me questions (just as I asked Dr. X), that I’ll remember my own curiosity and be just as helpful as she was. I hope to develop these traits in myself simply by remembering what it’s like to be entirely unsure, and how beneficial it was to have someone kind and patient teach
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