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section-A I have worked with Supervisor Surinderpal Singh for three months. He was very kind person but very strict with punctuality of employees. I worked with him in the donut time factory. There were approximately 40 employees working in the night shift. He was in the company as a quality control supervisor as well as sanitation supervisor. He played very significant role in the company. He has checked the quality of products, measured the weight of the products and signed the production. He had directly report of production to general manager. My role in factory was as a general labourer. I washed the machines and cleaned the production equipments. It was hard for me, but I liked that busy time. Section-B Technical competency- he was good in technical competency. He had good computer skills. He knew how to send the emails and even he had enough knowledge about Microsoft- word and excel. As a quality control supervisor he was usually busy with computer. He printed the bad samples of the products to show the workers and as well printed the good samples. Interpersonal competency- According to the aspect of interpersonal competency he was very good in relationship among their employees and he had trust on all employees and all workers had trust on him. He perceived their employees very closely. For instance, he was able to understand their problem. He interacted with their employees if they want working tools, day off and have family problems. Conceptual- according to the aspect of conceptual competency he had great ability to solve the difficult situations. He always engaged with employees and tried to knowing what happen in the workplace. For example, if any misunderstanding has occurred among the

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