Leadership Around the World Essay

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Goodman School of Business | Leadership across Cultures | | | | | | | INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Usman Raja GROUP 1 SECTION 2 Huan Liao 5717251 Minghao Wei 5665849 Svetlana Frolova 5502117 Vladimir Kramarenko 5716659 Introduction Johns, G. & Saks, A.M. (2014). defined leadership as “the influence that particular individuals exert on the goal achievement of others in an organizational context” (P.306). Although leadership is a quality developed by all human beings around the world, the styles of it among cultures quite differentiate themselves from others’. Johns, G. & Saks, A.M. (2014). also mentioned that “GLOBE (The Global Leadership and organizational Behaviour Effectiveness) had identified ten culture clusters from the sixty-two culture samples, using nine cultural dimensions they defined” (P.331). To better present features of leadership across cultures, our group decided to simulate some certain situations, in which Spanish, Japanese and American leadership will be performed by three of our group member respectively. In our performance, we chose hotels in these three countries as backgrounds, because we deem that this would be a perfect place for leaders and their underlings to deal with all kinds of customers, and the effectiveness of leadership can hence be reflected. Although there will be three different situations and stories in three different countries, what we will present are they dealing with the same problems, however, using different strategies, and embody different leaderships across cultures. The reason why we chose these certain countries is that we think they can well represent some features of the leaderships among different cultures. For example, except for internal control, large American companies tend to be more democratic than small ones, but the picture is quite different in

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