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Brandyn Hernandez Dr. Pellegrino Leadership applications Discussion question Twelve angry men 1. In the beginning of the play the leaders that emerge are the Foreman and the juror #3. Threw out the play we can see that the leadership is still taken place with the same leaders from the beginning of the play but there is one leader that is out spoken and shares his interest with in the group of the jurors is the Architect he mergers as a good moral leader and he shows he is the strongest amongst all of the jurors. The third juror he slowly loses his momentum when the deliberation started. He was rude and disrespectful at the end of the play but in the beginning he seems very fair and one point charismatic. 2. The Jurors listen to the Architect because it was the most moral thing to-do. The jurors had an obligation to discuss the case of murder. That’s why there where even when they had an over whelming evidence against the young man they still decided to discuss it once more if what jus a moral emotion that when in there head. The probably thought about the electric chair that the kid would have been sentence to if he was found guilty as well. 3. What type of power or influence are being used in the following situation a. When the stockbroker told the bigot to be quite for the rest of the deliberation is rational persuasion. This is expressed on fact and knowledge. He also used inspirational appeals to show that he was right with the power of pressure. b. When the man with the Slum childhood shows how to use the knife he uses Consultation, personal appeals, exchanges, Coalition building, and legitimate tactics. c. When the Architect focus on the remaining jurors he uses rational persuasion, pressure, inspirational appeals, and consulting. 4. All of the conflict management techniques are used in the film 12 angry men.

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