Leadership And The One Minute Manager Essay

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Leadership and the One Minute Manager The book, “Leadership and the One Minute Manager” this book has many styles of leadership, which helps the manager to work with their employees more efficiently. The one minute manager is consider to be a situational leader, which he tries to change his method in communicating with the employees depending on the person he is working with and on the situation. He’s also trying to show how to behave when you’re trying to influence the performance of others. To become a situational leader an individual will need to learn three skills: the first important thing is to be flexibility, and then diagnosis, and contracting. A whole manager is flexible and is able to use four different leadership styles: directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating. The four leadership styles are levels of supportive/directive behaviors a manager should provide to individuals. First style is Directing/Telling Leaders define the roles and tasks of the ‘follower’, and supervise them closely. Decisions are made by the leader and announced, so communication is largely one-way. Second style is Coaching/Selling Leaders still define roles and tasks, but seek ideas and suggestions from the follower. Decisions remain the leader’s prerogative, but communication is much more two-way. Third style is Supporting/Participating Leaders pass day-to-day decisions, such as task allocation and processes, to the follower. The leader facilitates and takes part in decisions, but control is with the follower. The fourth style is Delegating Leaders are still involved in decisions and problem-solving, but control is with the follower. The follower decides when and how the leader will be involved. The person who is to be developed will be categorized into four development levels which are: D1, d2, d3, d4. D1: is Low Competence, High Commitment – They generally lack

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