Leadership and Teamwork, Leadership Skills Essay

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Below are all the different types’ leadership styles used in the public services and comparing all there advantages and disadvantages. Authoritarian Authoritarian leadership is a very direct leadership style where the team members MUST do what the team leader has said, if the work is not completed efficiently enough there will be consequences. This approach is not generally considered to be the most appropriate way to get the best response from a team in ordinary working life, but in the armed forces where urgency and pressure is needed to succeed, it is a necessary leadership style. Advantages Disadvantages Maintains order and discipline The team will rely just on the team leader to tell them what to do Decisions are made by only experienced leaders that know what they are doing Team members may feel devalued and fearful of punishment Allows inexperienced recruits to know how and when to do something Team members might not like being ordered what to do all the time without them being told why they have to do it Role of the team leader. The team leader I have chosen to identify is a Lieutenant in the Army. They have to command a troop of up to 30 soldiers which is a lot of responsibility. For this they would need to make sure that the soldiers in the platoon respect them and listen to them, a team leader needs a massive range of skills, Responsibility, Respect, Communication, Courage, Planning, Understanding, Passion The main quality needed is motivational speaking, if the leader cannot motivate his men they may not perform to the best of their abilities. Democratic Democratic leadership is a style of leadership where the main leader maintains control of the group, but the team members’ opinions and views are encouraged and the leader informs the team about issues that may affect them. The leader still makes the final decision but

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