Leadership and Organizational Behavior Essay

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Case Study Group Development After reading the case study and studying the various stages of group development, I have come to the conclusion that this group that has been formed out of the school district representatives, the Woodson Foundation, and the NACPIE so that would mean that the forming stage of the process has been complete. While researching the stages, I discovered that the group is now in the storming stage of group development. This stage is represented by intragroup conflict. The members are accepting the existence of the group but there is conflict over who will control the group itself. All of the group members have different ideas on what should be done to change the path that the school is currently on while also maintaining an atmosphere that is both good for the students and faculty. I think that a better understanding of the stages of development would have really helped the Woodson Foundation with the cohesive nature of the group because these stages are paramount and happen in almost all groups that are formed in this nature. Everyone has different ideas and approaches on how the group should approach the subject of the school, students, and staff. By knowing the different stages of group development, the Woodson Foundation could have set up a meeting will all of the members and they would be able to lay out all of their concerns when it came to the safest and most logical approach to the issue at hand. They would then be able to write down all of their ideas and combine them in a way that would make everyone happy or at least content with the ideas presented since the three different groups have their own ways of doing things. Problem Identification and Retrospective Evaluation There are two problems going on in this group formation the first problem is that everyone has their own ideas and ways of doing things that contradict what
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