Leadership and Management in Nursing

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Nursing has become a much demanded career and along with it many educational theory and practice concepts has emerged. More knowledgeable, skilled, and an art nurses are most sorted out. A well prepared nurse is necessary in this technological highly developed health field to cultivate a potentially mechanistic environment. To promote this, Doh/ENB,2001a “Stresses that the environments should provide an arena in which students can experience good quality care and treatment of patients and clients” As such, environment in practical area for learning, places an important role in developing a high quality nurses. The objective of this paper is therefore to critically analyse the significant of practice arena in facilitating learning and how I as a registered nurse practitioner can induce learning in the practice area for a better learning environment. The place I work is a multi disciplinary ward consisting of multi range of learners from new to junior staff nurses, assistant nurses, care assistants and student nurses ranging from all semesters. As to this I will discuss on aspects of physical and social climate in learning environment and how learning core relates in that aspect. I will suggest and support with literature and compare with the learning system at my environment. I will also include the role of formal and informal learning and the learning style based on humanism, behaviourism and cognitive approaches and ways androgogy and pedagogy theories core relates in my learning environment. I will analyze, reflect and observe and do recommendations to facilitate learning for better improvement. This is to enhance learners to learn as (Christine Ely and Diane Lear) specific effort must be made to promote a good learning environment and a necessary change must be implemented for learning to take place at practical area. I shall provide learning opportunities for
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