Leadership and Management a Synopsis of ‘What Leaders Really Do’ by John P. Kotter

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Leadership and Management A synopsis of ‘What Leaders Really Do’ by John P. Kotter Characteristic Activities System of Action Step 1: Deciding what needs to be done Step 2: Creating Networks of People and relationships that can accomplish an agenda. = Developing the capacity to achieve the plan Step 3: Trying to ensure that the people actually do the job. = Ensuring plan accomplishment Leadership is coping with change. Leaders press for change. What leaders really do is prepare organisations for change and help them cope as they struggle through it. In any complex business, this demands initiatives from a multitude of people. Nothing less will work. Action: Setting a direction • Developing a vision of the future (often the distant future). • Developing strategies for producing the changes needed to achieve that vision. By: • Gathering and analysing a broad range of data and look for patterns, relationships and linkages that help explain things. • Creating vision and strategies that describe a business, technology, or corporate culture in terms of what it should become over the long term. Effective business visions regularly have an almost mundane quality, usually consisting of ideas that are already well known. What is crucial about a vision is how well it serves the interests of important constituencies – customers, shareholders, employees – and how easily it can be translated into a realistic competitive strategy. • A competent direction-setting process provides a focus in which planning can then be realistically carried out. Planning works best as a compliment to direction setting, not as a substitute for direction setting. Long term planning is not a panacea for lack of direction. • Articulating a feasible way of achieving this goal. Action: Aligning people • Communicating the new direction to those who can create

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