Leadership And Management Essay

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Leadership and Management of Orchard Supply Hardware Leadership and Management Leadership and Management of Orchard Supply Hardware People always question what makes a grand leader or what makes a manager great, and even at times people ask; can one who is a great manager be a great leader as well? The management of organizations at any level seeks the answers to the questions. Seeking out these answers helps ensure personal career success, improve the organizations performance, and can help transform managers into leaders (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Like many other organizations, Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH), pays close attention to their management team when dealing with their organizational planning. OSH, like other organizations want the best team of leaders who will be able to guide their company to the highest organizational goals and be able to empower the company through the possibilities of the future with the use of the management functions. The management functions are as follows: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling so to give power to others in the organization to contribute to the same revelation. Leadership Many wonder what the definition of leadership in fact is. Some believe that leadership arises when one has the ability to influence others to achieve the goals set in front of them. In order for one to increase great leadership one needs to go past the plain definition. Researching information on what great leaders do and the traits one of leadership position possess is a good start. Seizing the moment, changing the course of events, and paying close attention to details of the fundamentals “that can make or break the grandest of plan” (Bateman & Snell, 2009, p. 434) are what great leaders do. Creating competitive

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