Leadership Analysis Audit

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LEADERSHIP AUDIT ANALYSIS 1 __________________ A Paper Presented to Dr. David Nemitz Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary __________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course CLED 510 Biblical Foundations of Christian Leadership B 06 __________________ By Shervanne Gatson sgatson@liberty.edu 10 June 2011 INTRODUCTION Over the years, I have been fortunate to study many leadership styles from the leaders I have been under. There were a few leaders that were exceptional in their leadership, while other fell flat. A good leader is first a servant. You cannot lead if first you do not know how to serve. There are several aspects that make up a good Christian leader. These audits helped me to examine myself as a Christian leader. Leadership is more that having the title leader. Leaders have to be capable as well as credible. Without credibility, people will not trust you as a leader. Many people believe that leaders are born and some believe that leaders are made. The truth is no one knows for sure, but you can say that they are born and made. We are born with spiritual gifts and abilities for leadership and some skills we are taught. Leadership involves spiritual gifts as well as natural gifts. Natural gifts are given to unbelievers as well as believers based on his grace and are given to us at birth. Spiritual gifts are those listed in the scriptures and they include many different abilities and talents. This audit also taught me that passion is important in leadership. Passion is described as “a God-given capacity to commit oneself fervently over an extended period of time to meeting an objective”. (Malphurs 2003, p78) Passion is what drives us to do what we love. Character is the foundation of Christian leadership. This audit helped learned about the various leadership characteristics. A CHRISTIAN

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