Leadership on Abraham Lincoln Essay

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Throughout American history, very few men are unanimously loved by an entire nation. It is even rarer to be remembered two-hundred years in the future; still having your exploits mentioned. Abraham Lincoln did exactly this however. His skills of leadership and personality are still rated today. Political Scientists and students alike continue to examine influential men in history, presidents being foremost on their lists. It is said that Lincoln has not once, fallen off of the top 5 presidential list. Now that we know he has been revered again and again in history, let us find out exactly why that is. As president, Lincoln was confronted with many major issues during his presidency. From the American Civil War to the Emancipation Proclamation, a big decision was always perched at his doorstep (thewhitehouse.gov 2007). Being a Republican at the time was certainly more difficult than being a Republican today. Political parties of the era were much more un-cooperating and cutthroat. In general, it was just as difficult to please your own cabinet as it was to please the opposing one. Freedom of speech at the time was literally what it meant, “freedom of speech.” Voiced out cries and opinions were always present, whether negative or positive. The challenge of good leadership would be thoroughly tested in this chapter of history. One of the most remarkable facts about Lincoln is that he was born a farmhand. His knowledge however, didn’t lie in the scythe or plow. It could instead be found in politics. He was self-educated, not relying on any formal school system. The birth of great leadership in Lincoln can be found in books (historyplace.com 2007). He adapted qualities of great leadership primarily from George Washington; who was also considered a fantastic leader. The road to success is never easy though. His beginning career was marked with political

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