Leadership Essay

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Leadership is an important factor in today’s society because of its role and influence in numerous organizations throughout the world. Dictionary.com gives several definitions of the word leadership. “The position or function of a leader, the ability to lead, and the act or instance of leading or guiding” are three definitions that the website gives (Dictionary.com). However, I do not agree with these vague definitions because none of them pinpoint the true meaning of the word leadership. On the other hand, a great definition of leadership is “a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (Northouse 3). This is a great definition of the word leadership because of the four key words in the sentence; process, influence, groups, and goals. The word process signifies that leadership does not just occur in a single instance. It is a continual cycle that must happen between the leader and his or her followers. Influence is the ability for the leader to convince followers to do or act upon what the leader asks of him or her. It is the factor that allows goals to be accomplished. The term group refers to the actual organization itself, because there has to be someone or something for the leader to oversee. Whether it is a small or large group, leadership must be present. The fourth term in Northouse’s definition of the word leadership is goals. This word is possibly the most important of the four key words. Without a goal, an organization is meaningless. A goal is what the leader is there for, to help a group of individuals accomplish a task (Northouse 3). The four critical words that create Northouse’s definition of leadership apply best to my preferred style of leading which is why I have chosen it as the fundamental and most important definition of the word leadership. I chose to use Northouse’s definition
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