Leadership Essay

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Reflections on Leadership American Military University Reflections on Leadership I have enjoyed the content of this course and it has fit in and validated some of the beliefs and practices I have adopted over my life. I don’t know if my definition of leadership has really changed over the course of this eight-week course. I have learned a great deal on the topic and feel enriched for the experience but my definition of leadership fell into much of the framework outlined far more formally outlined within this course. I have enjoyed putting formal theory behind my lifetime of stumbling through bits of leadership training gained through management and military training. I have had a few ‘aha’ moments over the weeks. The one that sticks out the most revolves around the concept addressed as ‘encouraging the heart’. I have always tried to encourage others and learned from early within my military career the value of motivating others from positive reinforcement and encouragement. I have personally benefited from times when I received recognition for my actions and have leveraged those to prompt myself to seek areas where I could encourage others rather than stumble on them. It was an ‘aha’ moment for me was to find the value of these actions were validated through research rather than just my personal experience. Throughout this course we have encountered theoretical material on leadership. This material, and the course requirement, have cause me to question it’s relevantly to my own organization. The comparisons to my current organization, and those I have been associated with in the past, has aided my understanding of the concepts and allowed me to probe the presented theories a little deeper. Life experience has allowed me to give life to theories. I took the information I found within this course to go a bit beyond theory. Although I do understand that it
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