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The nature of the reciprocal or dynamic role of leadership and culture Culture is the way of life in certain setting. It includes people’s behavior, attitudes, motivation and inspirations in order to achieve certain life goals. In a group, one can define culture as a sequence of major assumptions that the group shares in solving external and internal issues that comes their way (Schein, 2010). On the other hand, leadership is the act of providing the light to certain subjects in a particular setting. Leadership and culture are two fundamental factors for the success and growth in a certain sector. They go hand in hand for results to be realized. On a deeper analysis, culture comes at the forefront as it leads and gives leadership an easier channel for penetration and achievement of results. Leaders require an already laid down and working culture for them to implement their missions and visions. Be it in the political arena or the corporate business worlds, the norm is still the same. Leaders also have a role in establishing, implementing and following this culture to act as role models for the others to follow. Leading is easy with an already strong and established culture in place. If the culture is dead then leadership stands still. The main objective of leadership is to create a culture geared to long term success of the organization (Kuhlmann, 2010). The positivity or negativity of culture can affect leadership either way too. For instance, negative culture in a work place even if good and positive leadership is injected into the system, the results will still be negative as the employees are not convinced to follow the new leadership. On the other hand, negative leadership can also affect a well-established culture as the employees may tend to follow the new leadership which will sink their ship (OYG, 2015). Ways in which leadership can influence positive

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