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The current CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, is one of success at an early age. According to several account he “demonstrated creativity and entrepreneurial behavior early” (Hoffmann, 2013). By the age of thirteen he had a worm farms and had a successful button making business by the age of 13. (Stone 2010). After graduating high school Hsieh went to Harvard University, were he continued to excel at being an entrepreneur, by starting a pizza business, which he ran from his dorm room (Hoffman 2012). In 1995, he graduated from Harvard University, and went to go work for Oracle as a software engineer, but after a year of being unhappy at his current job he quit. After he quit his job he founded a business call Link Exchange, with his college roommate, and after two years of running the business he and his partner sold the business to Microsoft for $265 million dollars (Hoffman 2013). The main reason Hsieh and his partner decided to sell Link Exchange, was because the culture in the company had gone bad he told one interviewer that he “dreading waking up and going to work” at his own company (Stone 2010). This realization defined Hsieh as a leader throughout his career. After the successful sale of Link Exchange, Toni next cofounded a small investment company named “Venture Frogs, through which he invested in approximately twenty Internet companies, among them Ask Jeeves, Mongo Music, My Able, and Tell me Networks. Another of the companies in which Venture Frogs invested was Zappos, which was founded by Nick Swinmurn to sell shoes online”( Hoffman 2012).Having started as an adviser and investor with Zappos, soon he was working together with Swinmurn to run the company. Tony Hsieh is very passionate about culture in one interview he tells journalist Marguerute McNeal that “companies can do market research to define the right customer segments/experience, but unless they

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