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Leadership Leadership What makes a person a good leader? What characteristics to I have that would make me a good leader? These are questions that every person needs to ask themselves when considering leadership. There are many types of leaders with many different characteristics. Some of the characteristics include: listening skills, foresight, relationship skills, charisma, and communication. The different types of leaders are servant, transformational, democratic, authoritarian/autocratic, and laissez-faire. Leader Types Servant leaders are skilled in listening, acceptance and foresight. They also communicate with others in the organization to build community within the organization. This leadership style also uses the entire team’s input to make a decision. This is one of the most popular leadership styles (Frandsen, 2014). The next leadership style is transformational. Transformational leaders build relationships with their team members. Shared vison is what they use to motivate the team. And, they are full of charisma and confidence and they use those skills to inspire their team (Frandsen, 2014). Democratic leaders are most similar to transformational leaders. They encourage open communication in decision making. Team members are given feedback and held with accountability regarding their performance. Relationships with team members are important to these types of leaders. They help build those relationships with their team by focusing on quality improvement rather than the mistakes of the individual (Frandsen, 2014). An authoritarian or autocratic leader is a good leader to have in an emergency situation. They make good emergency leaders because they make decisions with little input from others which can save time. Outside of emergencies they are not well liked leaders and can be difficult to work with.

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