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Contents:_ -Leadership -Traits of Successful leader Honesty Ability to Delegate Communication Sense of Humor Confidence Commitment Positive Attitude Creativity Intuition Ability to Inspire - The Effects of Leadership Styles on the Organization Autocratic Style Effects Participative Leadership Effects Delegative Leadership Effects Corporate Culture Effects - Type of Leadership's Followers alienated follower conformist follower passive follower effective follower pragmatic survivor -References Leadership We live in a world where we are told everyday that “we are all leaders” – we are capable of leading and so we grow up with huge ambitions of wanting to be like the great “leaders” like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr. But what is leadership? There are many definitions of leadership. The Collins English dictionary defines leadership as “the leader(s) of a party or group.” Yet true leadership is much more than that. A leader can be the CEO of an organization, or a first year employee who leads his or her team to success behind the scenes. A leader might lead through official authority and power, yet just as often great leaders lead through inspiration, persuasion and personal connections. Good leaders are able to deliberately create challenging results by enlisting the help of others. They can single handedly turn failing companies into Fortune 500 organizations. They can change company cultures. Good leadership is an essential key to corporate success. Traits of Successful leader: Still, people know effective leadership when they see it. And while great leaders may sometimes be born that way, there are certain traits that great leaders share in common that anyone can practice and adopt to become more effective, which they are: 1)Honesty: Whatever ethical plane you hold yourself to, when you

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