Leadership Essay

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1|Page DESCRIBE YOUR UNDERSTANDING ABOUT THE DEFINITION OF LEADERSHIP Leadership define as the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goals. The ability to influence is the capacity of power of an individuals or things, action or processes that lead that will lead to produce effects on the actions, behaviour, opinion or process. For an example “Lisa used family influence to get the tender”. Meanwhile achievement of goal is to succeed or accomplish a particular objective, standard or status especially by making an effort for a time frame that agreed earlier. For an example “Mark new goals leads him and his team to achieve his quarterly sales target”. A good leader carries the following qualities:                  Knowledgeable Confident Respectable Role model Observant Capable of making mistakes and correcting them Problem solver Compassionate Work well with others Goal oriented Good communicator Personality oriented Influence people Motivating Accountable Effective Good listener 2|Page 2. DESCRIBE THE FEATURES AS A CHARISMATIC LEADER Charismatic leader is defined based on the leader's capability to converse and behave in ways that will reach the respective followers on a basic, to inspire and motivate. Charismatic leaders have the gift to speak on a very commanding emotional level, and perhaps include some personality traits whose personality and actions influence people to behave in certain ways. For an example the well known charismatic leaders are Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela. Charismatic leaders assumed to have three core features as below:  Envisioning – A charismatic leader’s envisioning behaviour influences followers need to articulate and achieve their objective, vision or goal.  Empathy – The leader’s empathic behaviour sensitive to the environment and stimulates the respective
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