Leadership Essay

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Compare and contrast management versus leadership, and present an argument for which is more valuable to an organization that is in the midst of a significant change. State whether or not you believe the two are interchangeable or if there is in fact a difference. Managing and leading are two different ways of organizing people. Leadership is more about setting a new direction or vision for a group that they follow, i.e., the leader is the driving force for that new direction. Management controls or directs people within an organization according to policies or values that have already been established. The manager tends to use a formal, rational method while the leader may use passion and stirs emotions. In order for any organization to be successful, great management and quality leaders are a necessity. I believe the two are interchangeable, as using both management functions and leadership skills; a system can be created within an organization that motivates the employee without micromanagement, thus providing an enthusiastic work environment. Determine the potential consequences of both poor leadership and poor management during a change management process, and provide a strategy for avoiding negative consequences. Ineffective management and leadership in the workplace has many damaging effects on employees and the company as a whole. Companies with poor managers/leaders almost always perform below expectations. Mangers with poor communication skills are ineffective. Good employee motivation and morale depend largely on the communication skills of the manager. Also, sustaining long-term relationships with customers and suppliers is nearly impossible to do if a firm’s managers have poor communication skills. Managers that lack good interpersonal communication skills negatively impact their
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