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Q1: With the support of a New Zealand based company, discuss any two of the following types of ethics which may influence ethical decisions of a leader in the company: 1. individual ethics 2. professional ethics 3. Societal ethics A: Rebel is a famous sports store in New Zealand since 1996. Their idea of the store is to provide the superstore where the customers could buy a variety of the best and world-wide brands, and help the buyers to get their unique products. It is belong to the Briscoe group companies and Rebel Sport has 32 stores all over the country (Rebel Sports NZ, n.d.). As for the rebel Sports Company, individual ethics and societal ethics will have impact on the ethical decisions of a leader in their company. The individual ethics means the belief and value of a person which can distinguish one from another (Immigration Advisers Authority, n.d.); while the social ethics means rules or code created by the society and to help running the society in order (Innovate us, n.d.). Each company formed by lots of people, their leaders are the individual themselves, those leaders has their own believes and values, these things decide how these leaders will interact will their employees and their customers. For example, if the leader of rebel sports decided to give free products to church because his religion is Christianity, his belief impacted on the business; the social ethics could be another reason influence those leaders, different people grow up in variety environment or even different society, people may not have the same background, their social ethics will help people to decide what is right or wrong. For instance, if the leader of rebel sports was came from China, he must be work so hard and ask his employees to do the same as he did, overtime could be common situation and later on, they earned more profit then previous years. Q2:

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