Leadership Essay

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ABSTRACT ‘Leader’ is a figure who stimuli a group of people towards the achievement of a goal where the term ‘Leadership’ refers relationship which is based on mutual influence between leaders and followers which results in a higher level of motivation as it promotes variations. The theories of leadership have developed from traits, behaviours and situations to a more change-oriented tactic. One special type of leadership in this new approach is – 'Charismatic Leadership'. Charismatic leaders can be distinct as those who have high self-confidence, a clear idea, engage in exceptional behaviour, and act as a change agent, while remaining realistic about environmental constraints. Their key action include role modelling, image building, articulation of goals, showing self-confidence and affecting follower’s motives. This article takes the reader through the general theories of leadership along with the concept of charismatic leadership and its place in the general theories on leadership. Besides the development of the concept of charismatic leadership which is a new genre of leadership theory as House stated and how it has been taken up and further developed since 1992 by House and other researchers. I found that leadership activities swings in practice and that although I identified symbols of the new leadership genre. It is unlikely that one way of approach will fit with all frameworks in today’s complex organizations and societies. This article will help the reader to gain an overall scene of the development of understanding of the theories and a practical application of charismatic leadership theory. TABLE OF CONTENT Page CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1. Introduction CHAPTER 2: GENERAL LEADERSHIP THEORY 2.1 General Leadership Theory 2.2 General Leadership Theory, With Reference to The Work of Acknowledged Management Theorists CHAPTER 3: CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP 2
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