Leadership Essay

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SAT2 - Leadership Course of Study This course supports the assessment for SAT2. The course covers 14 competencies and represents 3 competency units. Introduction Overview In this course, you will be challenged with learning about the leadership skills needed for new, inexperienced managers. Great leaders have honed their skills through trial and error. This course will allow you to try out some activities and, through the use of the team exercise, assess your abilities and practice the art of leadership. The performance assessment will require that you work in teams and learn the skills needed to be an effective team member. As you work through this course, imagine you are a member of a team that has been selected to deliver a presentation on leadership designed for new managers in an organization. The team will create a leadership handbook to be used in a training workshop for new managers. At the end of this course, you should be able to do the following: understand how to select the appropriate type of team structure for a project and propose strategies and structures to build team cohesion and effectiveness analyze the performance of a virtual team and propose strategies to improve team effectiveness demonstrate best practices to overcome biases that inhibit organizations and teams from communicating effectively identify influences on ethical leadership apply motivational concepts to enhance organizational performance use contemporary approaches and theories of leadership to perform a personal leadership skills analysis and to develop a leadership philosophy determine how power and influence can be used to achieve organizational objectives Watch the following video for an introduction to this course: Note: View the video in full screen at 720p for best results. Competencies This course provides guidance to help you demonstrate the following 14
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