Leadership Essay

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Running Head: Transactional and transformational leadership 1 Transactional and Transformational Leadership Students’ Name Institutional Affiliation TRANSACTIONAL AND TRANSFROMATIONAL LEADERSHIP 2 Abstract Many researchers around the globe have been attracted by both transactional and transformational leadership styles. Even though some of them believe that there are comparisons between the two leadership styles, others are of a different opinion. This paper tries to give an introductory viewpoint on differences between the two leadership styles by providing concrete evidence drawn from literature. The paper comes to a conclusion that even though these two leadership styles are different from each other, some components of transformational leadership do exist in transactional leadership. Keywords: Transformational leadership, transactional leadership, leadership. TRANSACTIONAL AND TRANSFROMATIONAL LEADERSHIP 3 Transactional And Transformational Leadership As a main factor in contributing to immense welfare of different countries and organizations, leadership is conceivably the most paramount faces of management. Most organizations that were in the brink of bankruptcy such as Chrysler and General electric have been turned around and have gone to become the most prosperous organizations in the world. Were it not for the impressive leadership of both Lee and Jack Welch, this dream would not have happened (Coulter, 2007). Some of the most prosperous and super power countries like Britain, the United States of America and France are riding on the wave of impressive leadership (Weihrich, 2008). This is because the leaders in these countries have always been effective in offering the best leadership styles that
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