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A clinical nursing leader is one who is involved in direct patient care and who continuously improves care by influencing others . Leadership is not merely a series of skills or tasks; rather, it is an attitude that informs behavior. Several important functions of a nurse leader are: acting as a role model, collaboration to provide optimum care, provision of information and support, providing care based on theory and research, and being an advocate for patients and the health care organization . In addition, nurse leaders should have knowledge of management, communication, and teamwork skills, as well as some background in health economics, finance, and evidence-based outcomes Personal qualities desirable in a nurse leader include competence, confidence, courage, collaboration, and creativity. Nurse leaders should be aware of the changing environment and make changes proactively. Leaders who show concern for the needs and objectives of staff members and are cognizant of the conditions affecting the work environment will encourage productivity . In doing this, it is important that a philosophy of productivity is established. three things that are essential to leadership are authority, power, and influence. Effective leaders of today should use more influence and less authority and power. It is more important to be able to motivate, persuade, appreciate, and negotiate than to merely wield power. Leadership is a human engagement activity. Its the idea of someone being superior to the other. and can be seen as the practice of small actions that can engage or , nourish or deplete those around us. Others often mistake a leader to have the same title as a “manager.” The difference between the two terms is evident in the popular statement. A leader deals with people while a manager deals with paper. Leadership is considered a unique function also. It can be

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