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Leadership Chapters 2 and 3. It is evident that every leader requires a set of traits to lead prominently. If it weren’t for those traits, they wouldn’t have acquired their role as a leader in the first place. Think of Barack Obama for instance. If it weren’t for his charisma and ability to charm people, would he be on his 2nd term of presidency right now? His charisma, his ability to make an impression, his motivation to get social power got him a role as an effective leader. This is one of the few traits a leader should have. Others include intelligence, self-confidence, alertness, responsibility, and initiative, among others. The thing that got my attention the most though was how certain leaders express or utilize certain traits depending on the current situation on their hands. They possess these traits in the first place because of their relevance to these situations in which the leaders are functioning. What this means is, traits are extremely important and those that are leaders in one situation sometimes won’t prove to be leaders in others. From this it was gathered that leadership wasn’t a passive state but a working relationship between leaders and the other members of the group. In a way, of leaders place themselves at the level of their group with the use of their traits, they can make much more of an impact. Another important aspect of the readings is how leaders can be identified and separated from those that aren’t because of their traits and personality. There are factors in a leader’s personality, which make them vulnerable in some senses, but it still helps them push towards the future, for instance, emotional intelligence. By their own feelings and vulnerability, leaders are able to understand emotions and apply their understanding of it to life tasks and towards decision-making. For these reasons and many, the trait approach is very

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