Leadership Essay

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Leadership: The Affect on the Graduate Nursing Role Effective leadership is important for an organizations success. A successful leader must have great communication skills to cooperate and discuss inter professional issues (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, & O' Grady, 2013 P. 282). As mentioned in the assigned reading, the leadership skills listed above are leadership qualities should be demonstrated by all leaders in health care because patients deserve safe, high quality care (Hamric et. al, P. 281). Leaders may risk take at their own sake while influencing and empowering individuals to accomplish growth and opportunities with an aim to make a difference within their profession. Communication, commitment, and willingness to collaborate are leadership skills I exercise working within health care. These characteristics will help me in my graduate nursing role by allowing me to remain confident when working with patient and other healthcare professionals. Communication enables me to develop trust working with others resulting to promote patient safety and wellness. Borhani, Jalali, Abbaszadeh, Haghdoost (2014 May) states a committed organization represents the organizations reputation within the community establishing a ground for growth and development. As a home health nurse, it comes natural for me to personally and professionally be accessible to patient and families. According to Hamric et al., 2013 Commitment includes planning ahead therefore leaders may practice balancing their professional and private life. Committing myself to all patients and work ethics will benefit me to work teams to develop goals to achieve excellence within clinical practice. Organizational commitment is an attribute I will need to develop within my graduate role to indicate to my fellow workers my interest in working hard for
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