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Background There is an abundant amount of research on the extended reign of Hasting Kamzu Banda that depicts how he treated the people country of Malawi Africa and the reason for him getting run out of power by his own government. The Nation of the World shows the economic issues also different financial goals of Malawi and how things went terribly wrong. Kamzu Banda History Kamzu Banda was born near Kasungu in Malawi to Mphonongo Banda and his wife Akupingamnyama Phiri. His date of birth is unknown, and as it took place at a time when there was no birth registration, it is impossible to state a precise year. His official birthday is stated as May 14, 1906 and this date is contained in some biographical guides. (William .T 1978 & P.Short 1974). However, his death certificate states him to have been 99 years old and it was rumored that he was actually 101. There is no proof the report of his age was accurate. He took the Christian name of Hastings after being baptized into the Church of Scotland in around 1905. (Encyclopedia Britannica 1997). Around 1915-16, he left home and went with Hanock Msokera Phiri, an "uncle" who had been a teacher at the nearby Livingstonia mission school, on foot to Hartley in Zimbabwe which was then Southern Rhodesia and then, in 1917 and again on foot, to Johannesburg in South Africa. (William .T 1978 & P.Short 1974). He worked in various jobs at the Witwatersrand Deep Mine on the Transvaal Reef for several years. During this time, he met Bishop W. T. Vernon of the African Methodist Church who offered to pay his tuition at a Methodist school in America if he could make his own passage. In 1925, he left for New York. (William .T 1978 & P.Short 1974). Banda agreed in 1958 to return home to lead Nyasaland out of the federation. However, he first headed a delegation to London to petition for a new constitution. He returned to

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