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The Working Journey PO Box 361 Sandy Bay TASMANIA 7006 email : enquiry@theworkingjourney.com **www.workcomplexity.com Associates in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland, Canada, USA, Argentina, Sweden, Cyprus, Southern Africa A Short Article “Earning One's Keep” - Authority, Accountability, Work and Responsibility Elliott Jaques's writing is difficult to understand, he uses a precise, scientific language which is extraordinarily detailed and his ideas evolved. In essence he offers a comprehensive model which is clear, precise and unambiguous for managerial leaders on theory and practices to know, be and do it effectively. It is relevant for any manager from supervisor to global CEO. It is future focused and predictive, unlike best practices, which is based on precedent and therefore backwards looking. One of the issues I want to touch on briefly is the quagmire around authority, accountability, work and responsibility. From a Requisite perspective Authority is “the power vested in a person by virtue of their role to expend resources; financial, technical and human” This vested power is variable depending on the role type and its accountability. Accountability means “a situation where an individual can be called to account for his or her actions by another individual or body authorised both to do so and to give recognition or censure to the individual for those actions.” In a role there are routine required tasks and special projects or assignments. A managerial leader cannot hold a person accountable for performance without being clear on their authority to do the work and the nature of that work. Work is defined as “the “The individual exercise of judgement in making decisions and acting on them within prescribed limits in order to achieve an agreed purpose within a given time frame” The Managerial Leader is responsible for setting the what, by when and with what

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