Leadership Essay

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To survive in today’s competitive world, it is important to understand your own personal strengths and weaknesses. One must be able to adapt to the constant change in technology, and new innovating ideas. The leadership style that I identify with is the participative style leadership. Participative style of leadership focus on guiding people based on democratic principles. The participative style leader focus on the employee input, the team concepts plays a major role and the sharing of decision making. Pros and Cons Cons There are several advantages of the participative leadership; but the decision-making can be slow. Acceptance When decisions are made by general agreement the staff is more willing to accept policies changes. This aid in cutting down of resistance from employees and speed up implementation processes of new ideas. Each employees experience a personal investment in the company’s success of implementing new policies and procedures which facilitate a rapid change in policies and procedures. Morale Another con to participative leadership is morale. When employees have an active voice in the operation of the company the employees personally feels liable for the company’s success. Employee’s feels appreciated when they have a voice I the decision making process which in turn keeps the company’s morale high. When the morale of the company is high employees will become more active in aiding in improving their working conditions when their decisions affect the policies directly. Creativity Participative leadership provides the employees be more creative in developing a more productive work process which in turn will make the company more efficient. When employees gives their opinions regarding the company’s issues there will be a variety of information provided to select from. When employees are involved in the decision-making the
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