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Brianna Lanzetta Leadership Essay A leader is not just a team captain, or president of a club. A leader is someone who leads a group of people by doing the right thing. I distinguish myself as a leader because of three things: I am honest, very good at communicating and making plans run smoothly. I always present a positive attitude. If you are not honest, many things can go wrong that could have been easily avoided. By being a good leader, people will want to look up to you for direction and follow your path. In order to be a good leader, you need to be honest. Honesty has always been an easy path for me to follow. I dislike cheaters. I always like to know that I worked hard for my success and didn’t take the easy way out. Communicating is also a very easy thing for me. Communication makes plans and ideas run smoothly. I am considered a social butterfly. I love to meet new people also and make them feel comfortable. I enjoy keeping plans organized and making sure everybody knows what their role is and how they are supposed to perform when something needs to get accomplished. I know how to get it done. By following these ideas, I can make things run easily. Another trait that makes me a distinguished leader is my positive attitude. I always try my best to create a positive attitude. When the going gets tough, I never give up or show a negative attitude. I believe when you have a positive attitude, even in the hardest of times, it can be passed on to people and make everyone positive thinkers. The three traits that I have described above are some of the traits that distinguishes myself as a leader. I believe having these three qualities will make me one of the best leaders

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