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Leadership Essay

  • Submitted by: acomegys
  • on February 26, 2014
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The leadership qualities that are important for a good leader would include the following: their heart must be filled with peace and goodwill; they must have a mindset for the future generations; and they must be unaffected by anger, offensiveness, and criticism. The qualities are derived from the “The Iroquois Constitution”.   A good leader would be a strong candidate that has admirable qualities. These qualities can be found in certain leaders such as The President of the United States, a principal of a school, a teacher, missionaries, or even leaders of the church.
To have a heart filled with peace and good will are seen in people who want to extend their hearts out to third world countries during times of disaster. They have their hearts open to kind, compassion, and good will missions in unfavorable times of chaos. To be a peaceful person, you are not judgmental and open to fixing “things” that may not be what you believe in or would be a supporter of. You would be always thinking of others, donating to the poor, and trying to make peace in any way possible even if it puts you at risk.
To have a mindset for the future generations are seen in people who care about educational needs of others, financially supporting others in need, and mentally preparing people in need of hope during disparity.   We are the future generation of the United States. We should want all people to be educated the same way, have the same opportunities, and to be a well-informed citizen of our county. The pressure of being the next generation is grand. We need support from our teachers, our government, and the president to lead us into a life of great happiness, wealth, and fortitude.
To be unaffected by anger, offensiveness, and criticisms would play a major role in the everyday life of a righteous leader. They would be a determined leader that listens to all comments from the public. They are willing to look into themselves and truly listen to the people who need and want their...

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