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Leadership in Business Bert Lawson MGT/521 Management 1/20/2014 Les Colegrove Leadership in Business Leadership in business is a must for a business to flourish in today’s economy. Companies need to keep up with the changing times to keep their product marketable, to do this leadership has to find new ways and find ways to keep their ear to the ground to ensure their product is meeting consumer needs. This paper will discuss the role of managers in a leadership role. When you think of a manager most would think of someone who is keeping the day to day operations moving and that is true but a manager is so much more. When you break down what a manager means to a business. The manager is so much more than just a manager, their the educator, planner, analyzer, resource and whatever else the company needs to move forward. Whether it’s Amazon, GE or the NBA a manager takes advantage of market inefficiencies or finds previously undiscovered niches. Managers that can take advantage of these findings take on the characteristics of entrepreneurs, however, they are not entrepreneurs because they work to redirect the inputs of existing companies rather than create new forms of product. According to Berri, D. J., Leeds, M. A., Leeds, E. M., & Mondello, M. (2009) Jack Welch, did not create any new financial services, but did transform GE’s focus from manufacturing to financial services at a time when manufacturing was declining. While many managers won’t admit to it but most are drawn to management because they are attracted to the formal power. Managers have a dual role as they have to take direction from leadership above and then give direction to subordinates. According to The dual role of managers (1992), empowerment is very much about sharing power that is given to the position. Sharing power is not as simple as delegating power, the act of

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