Leadership Essay

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Gene One, a young agricultural biotechnology company, began operations 8 years ago with a $2 million dollar investment, 5 dedicated stakeholders and an extraordinary leader, Don Ruiz. Gene One’s technology that eliminated diseases from potatoes and tomatoes, along with other technological advancements, has been a tremendous source of revenue for the company. In all, this relatively young company has grown from initial $2 million dollar investment to realize annual revenue in excess of $400 million dollars. Don Ruiz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board of Directors must implement new strategies for the organization if they want go public in 3 years. Unfortunately, Don Ruiz passed before he could see the vision he had set for the company materialize. Since his passing, there have been discussions about Gene One’s future. Many have questioned who will be able to lead the company and will Gene One continue to thrive without Don’s leadership. With the passing of Don, his voice will be heard through his family (Team ‘C’). Team “C” analyzed the situation at Gene One and has concluded that the leadership currently in place in the organization is not prepared to take the company to the next level. There is tension and conflict building between the executives and some of them are not qualified to handle leadership positions. Since the company operates in a highly competitive industry where creativity, knowledge creation and innovation are important in achieving competitive advantage. The leadership team is made up of different skills, knowledge, abilities and experiences. While it is important to have a diverse membership in top management, the company needs people who are creative and talented. The team conducted an analysis of the executives for Gene One to determine if one of them could possibly fill Don’s position and lead the company in their IPO imitative. The
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