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Leadership Paper DAA Northwest provides superior vehicle remarketing services and establishes long-term relationships; their success allows them to serve the greater community through their ethical socially conscious and financially strong company. The four core values are integrity, excellence, professionalism, and fun! They offer 800-1200 vehicles each week, and as many as 3,500 at special events like the annual rock and roll sale. They also serve specialty dealers with designated Motorsports and RV auctions. DAA strives to continually improve their operations and internet sales capabilities in order to anticipate and support their customers growing needs. That way, their newest customers will experience the same responsive service as the first (Fast Facts about DAA Northwest). There are many different services offered at DAA which means there are many different managers and supervisors. Justin Kelleher is the lead manager in the detail shop. The detail shop is where the cars go before they are auctioned off. They get repossessed cars or cars from car lots, both of which need cleaned. The detail shop cleans the cars; they do everything from a simple vacuum to a full rock chip repair and everything in between. Justin is in charge of all the employees in the detail shop, this varies from 8-16 employees at any given time. He over sees all tasks from buffing, spraying, to making sure the customers personal items are taken out of the car and replaced when the car is finished. He has to be sure the work done on every car is thorough and it doesn’t leave the lane until it is pristine. The customer’s car needs to look superb before it leaves the lane. It also needs to be well cared for. Justin supervises all lanes and all employees. He has to be effective and efficient in every aspect. He would be considered a middle manager (18) because as he is the manager in his

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