Leadership Essay

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Review Leadership is the main part I was responsible for in the group assignment. This review aims to discuss different kinds of leadership and how Ryanair’s leadership is, which is followed by introduction of leadership. What is leadership? Ruggieri(2013) argued that “leadership is a group feature that directly impacts on team identification” (p1171). A superior leader is able to improve the team cohesiveness efficiently, even be beneficial in increasing of targets’ success rate. Four Leadership Paradigms Classical leadership (Antiquity-1970s) Classical leadership means “dominance by a pre-eminent person or an ‘elite’ group of people” (Avery, G.C. 2004. P21). The followers comply and execute the commands seriously. They do not have queries openly about the commands. The members’ obedience is mainly because of the fear or respect to leaders. This leadership can still be found today, especially in Asian. Transactional leadership (1970s-mid1980s) “Transactional leadership depends heavily on the leader’s skills and confidence” (Gayle, A. 2004. P22). It is based on the performance result. In addition, the interpersonal skills, negotiate rewards and stable conditions are certainly necessary. The limitations is short-term rewards and unprepared for changes. Visionary leadership (mid-1980s-2000) Visionary leadership is full of “charismatic, inspirational, transformational styles “(Gayle, A. 2004. P24). The emotion leader inspires the followers to strive for a future goal. However, the high self-belief and the changes of environment and the members become the limitations. Organic leadership (beyond 2000) The feature of organic leadership is the less of “formal distinction between leader and followers” (Gayle, A. 2004. P29). This leadership is more self-determination. Swatch is an outstanding example. Its marketing is largely leaderless and organic.
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