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Leadership Essay

  • Submitted by: rosagalo
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Cruz 1
Daniela Cruz
Professor Casey
24 September 2013

How can you be a good leader? Well you have to have certain kinds of qualities and you have to practice them in a well-mannered behavior. These qualities include: honesty, creativity, communication, confidence, commitment, the ability to inspire, and intuition. According to Dr. Pamela Shockley-Zalabak, a professor of the University of Colorado, leadership is a way of life. It is also a process of guiding individuals, groups, and an entire organization to establish and sustain goals. What does leadership mean? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, leadership is defined by a position as a leader of a group. In the American English Dictionary, leadership is defined as the ability or quality that makes a person a leader, and in the American Heritage Dictionary, leadership is determined by the position or office of a leader. There are literally thousands of definitions about what or who a leader is and how leadership is considered. Each definition is correct, but it varies between one individual to another and may also vary between situations or events. We may call an individual a leader because of a persons’ election to the presidency of an institution. Other times we may believe that he/she is not a leader because he/she does not exhibit the qualities of leadership that are expected. In other words, we expect leadership from the legitimate position of the presidency, but when that leader does not exhibit these types of qualities, we assume that the leader is not fit for a position in leadership. There are positive and negative effects to leadership. An example of positive leadership would be Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was a spiritual leader that spread peace, love, and non-violence to the world. One of his most famous acts was opposing the British Salt Tax of 1930. Throughout his oppositions on many causes, he was put in jail many times. Even though he was punished, he was doing something that he...

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