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4/24/2013 Business Communication 3.2. | Ghisaidoobe, R. | Analytical Research Paper | Successful leadership styles | Analytical Research Paper | Successful leadership styles | Introduction Leadership is about how managers and employees interact within an organization. Each leader or manager has an unique way of leading a team and use different skills and competencies to achieve goals. Because of the fact that there are many leaders with different leadership styles some experts developed leadership models in order to clarify these different leadership styles. Leaders all over the world could use these leadership styles to choose one or another or they can use these styles to strengthen their skills and competences. This report aims to provide an overview of different leadership styles provided by the ‘Hay Group’ and two experts named Kurt Lewin and Rebecca Hourston. Hay Group is a worldwide consulting and organization agency. The Hay Group helps to develop talent and organizes clients to be more effective in their businesses. Besides this, Hay Group has 86 offices in 47 countries and there are around 2600 employees worldwide working for the agency and they work with clients who come from the private, public and nonprofit sector. After forty years of study, Hay Group published a twelve page article about six different leadership styles in 2012. These six different styles are developed by Hay Group to make change happen within management issues. Besides the description about Hay Group in this report, there are two articles written by experts in order to analyze if they agree or disagree with the assumptions made by Hay Group. At last, I will give my opinion about these articles based on the work of experts compared to the evidence that I have gathered from Hay Group. Methodology Data for this report were gathered from 20 April – 24

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