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Verbal Communication Skills Proficient oratory skills are essential for a leader to undertake public speaking. She needs to articulate her words with clarity and to project her voice confidently and assertively. While speaking, she must be persuasive and able to empower others in to action. A leader must be competent in her role and demonstrate good team-working skills -- having the ability to listen, to cooperate, to liaise with others, to negotiate and to head a team. Honest and Trustworthy To gain public trust, a leader needs to be frank, trustworthy and fair-minded. Honesty is not a trait that can be learned, as it needs to be innate for it to be sincere. It is essential that a leader is genuine in his purpose, to gain the confidence of his team or to promote a good public image. Self-worth is important, because if a leader cannot believe in his own abilities, how can he expect to gain the respect of his team. He should also treat others equally to make others feel of value. Sponsored Links Meet Pretty Asian Girl Feel alone?Meet sweet chinese girl& have a good time with her.Join! chnlove.asia Visionary What makes a good leader is her scope of vision. She needs to be a forward thinker, able to plan ahead and to deal with any eventuality. Having the imagination to see outside of the box is essential for her to be able to solve problems. Being broadminded is also helpful so that she can consider all options open to her without being judgmental during her leadership. Being a dynamic thinker, able to inspire others to follow her, is also a very valuable leadership skill. Strength of Character Possessing a strong character is useful in a leading position. Often a leader -- such as a politician or a military leader -- needs to be bold and courageous when facing unpredictable and sometimes difficult

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