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Assignment 3: Leadership, Teambuilding and Communication Anna Miller June 15, 2013 Professor Janet Largaespada Strayer University Leadership in organization is the process of guiding and directing people’s behavior in a work environment. There are three Leadership Theories, Contemporary, Traditional, Emerging Theories and Interpersonal forms of power. Traditional Leadership was defined by Max Weber as three leadership styles, charismatic, bureaucratic and traditional. Traditional Leadership Theory is the ability to use power and influence in order lead. This power is given to the leaser based on tradition of the past. Decision making abilities and willingness to act are also important skills for the Traditional leader. Followers are usually loyal to the position and what it represents rather than who holds the position. Other traits are an ability to take action and give energy toward realizing the objectives and goals. The efforts are achieving what is expected and results are the important evidence of success. The down falls of a Traditional Leadership are new ideas are not always welcomed, the Traditional leader is usually the source for all new ideas and the way business are operating. The employees grow very frustrated for not having a say in the way things are being ran. Frequently these employees leave when a better opportunity arises. An example of Traditional leadership in current times is king, dictators, the military, police and fire department. Another example is the power held by an executive or executive board members are made by those in traditional leadership. Many of these leaders inherited their power for the predecessors. Contemporary Leadership Theories seeks to explain the nature of leadership and how an individual can hold authority over others. Contemporary theories have grown

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