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Introduction The purpose of this finding is to evaluate my Organisational Behaviour skills. The result of the evaluation for my skills will be based on three self assessments below. My focus in this finding will be on Emotional Intelligence skills, as having a good Emotional Intelligence skill is much more important than technical skills or rational intelligence. Part 1: Self-Assessment using Self-Assessment Exercises Self-assessments undertaken include: • The Matrix Emotional Intelligence (EI) Test • 8 Dimensions of Leadership Styles Test The Matrix Emotional Intelligence (EI) Test I would like to evaluate my current skill rates of Emotional Intelligence and how can improve my Emotional Intelligence. However the result below provides clear description on my level of Emotional Intelligence. Figure 01: Emotional Intelligence Test Results Source: www.maetrix.com.au 2013 Test results above shows that I managed to score high marks on all sections in the emotional test. First section, Self-Awareness (6) this result indicates that I have the ability to read and understand my emotions and recognise the impact on work performance and relationships and also able to have self-confidence and realistic in giving evaluation on my strength (Daniel Goleman 1998, 2005). Second section, Self-Management (9) the highest mark compared to all sections, this mean I able to control or gain self-control on my disruptive emotion. Additionally, I also able to adapt any changes in situation and overcome any obstacles. Third section, Self-Awareness (7) this mean I able to understand and recognise the emotional of others and on the same time is able to manage relationship and build networks. On the last section, Relationship Management (8) which mean I have the ability to support others by providing feedbacks and guidance, maintain relationships with others and teamwork

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