Leadership Essay

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Worksheet: Duties, Responsibilities and Roles This worksheet pulls out the descriptions of the Managerial Position Description Questionnaire (MPDQ, p. 29) and Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles (p. 30). Use this worksheet to help you write your description of your duties, responsibilities and roles as a manager. Consider also how others on your management team may specialize in some roles that you yourself do not enact very often. |Managerial Position Duties (p. 29) |My Responsibilities in this Area | |Supervising: Improving performance of subordinates by working |In my directorship role, I am accountable to establish the vision| |with them to analyse their strengths and weaknesses, providing |for my team and provide the outline of the end state results | |training, developing skills, scheduling their work and setting |expected and involve my team members in the design of our yearly | |performance goals. |goals, achievement plan and measurement metrics. I also support | | |talent management and mentoring activities to allow employees to | | |grow within the organization. | |Planning and Organizing: Formulating shortterm |My role involves forecast of In-Flight crew man power planning | |plans, carrying out projects, developing budgets, determining |and budget tracking. I also carry on the responsibility of | |optimal resource allocation and use, translating long-term plans |Program Management functions for large size project initiatives | |into short-term operational goals, recommending and developing |within the Customer Service Branch.
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