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Essay - Tell us how leaders have personally inspired you in your professional and personal life. People whom I regard as leaders have been the clock builders of the world rather than time tellers and have through their words of wisdom and actions influenced my perception of what leadership is all about. I have always maintained that one’s mother is an important centre of influence in an individual’s life. I have considered my mother as an influence of character, personality and leadership. Even though she has been a home maker all her life, I sometimes can resort to her leadership skills of leading from the back and the side than at the forefront. I remember an early childhood incident when she played the role of a family negotiator between my father and his estranged niece. Her deftness in creating a platform to make them listen and hear each other out, communicate and accept the changes that have happened in their lives thus rebuilding a cohesive relationship has been a life lesson. From her I have learned that if you want to influence, which is a key role played by leaders, you need to be a patient listener and communicate from the heart. She also truly lives the ‘hedgehog’ principle as defined by Jim Collins in his book ‘Good to Great’ of being great at one thing that you are passionate about. It has always been important for me to pursue interests that I am most passionate about and my mother has always supported this belief. Leaders who have inspired me have been transformational change agents. Be it Gandhi from my home country or Obama from the United States. They have led movements on change and have done so by practicing rather than preaching about change. Gandhi himself wove and wore khakhi cotton clothes in the protest against wearing British made garments before he led others to follow suit. We are all leaders in some way. During my graduate

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