Leadership Essay

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Leadership Goals There’s an array of leadership subjects that I’d like to focus on in class this year. Two of the topics I’m most interested in are leadership in a global context and then also leadership tactics. I’m interested in taking away knowledge from this class that can benefit me for a lifetime. Under the category of leadership in a global context fall such themes as foreign relations, country status issues, and hegemonic responsibilities. For example, the US is often called a “world leader.” I’d like to know how a nation can be considered a “leader.” What went into attaining that status? Does the US’s privileged position entail certain extra responsibilities? In addition to relations between countries, I’d like to look at the development of leadership within different countries. For example, I’d like to understand the impact of language on the development of leadership within the US and abroad. What makes a language more prone to creating strong leaders? What about certain languages hinders leadership development? Following from this, I’m interested in how leadership theory differs from culture to culture. Is the leader/follower relationship in other countries viewed as such a superior/inferior relationship as it is here in the States? Some places it’s worse so I’m interested in learning why it’s like that. As for leadership tactics, I’m mostly interested in power, how to attain it, how to protect it, and when to share it. I’d like to learn how to utilize that power to solve conflict situations between group members. Often times, I’ve witnessed situations where two members both wish to be a group leader. What’s the solution to that dilemma? It’s also common for a group member to not contribute and avoid work. What’s the appropriate way to deal with someone like that? Is it better to punish or motivate? Also, what are some pitfalls to watch out for
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